<![CDATA[Board/Commission Membership Listing by Name ID]]> <![CDATA[Climate Change Coordinating Council, Rhode Island Executive - Advisory Board]]> Appointed by: Governor Raimondo
Appointment date: 03/06/2015
Appointment expiration: 03/31/2018
Board expiration:

]]> <![CDATA[Distributed Generation Contracts Board]]> Appointed by: Governor Chafee with Advice & Consent of the Senate
Appointment date: 06/10/2014
Appointment expiration: 05/31/2017
Board expiration:

]]> <![CDATA[Mercury Reduction and Oversight Commission]]> Appointed by: Governor Carcieri
Appointment date: 02/16/2004
Appointment expiration: 07/01/2005
Board expiration: